Nov 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!! 2014

Halloween has been so popular nowadays in Indonesia, since that's not our tradition but it seems like we did enjoy the party very much. A party with so costume dress-code and make-up is really creative one. But as creativity grows, yesterday's halloween party  allow comers to come without costume (free dress-code)  and also got free mask to put on. So, "No one has to Know" concept is well done by District 10, Medan although not everyone's wearing the masks, but the most important part is everyone enjoy the party. The most likey likey part of mine is the UV painting I've never done before.I would like to share my kind of happiness here with form of photos, enjoy!

Feedbacks are welcome :)

Nov 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary, my dear I

Last 10 of November has been a super special night for me. I celebrated my first year anniversary of relationship with my one and only I, dinner at the one of the famous sky-seeing restaurant in town, 27th floor of Swiss-bel Hotel, known as The Edge. Finished our dinner, he drove me home and we also celebrate our anniv with a whole of avocado cake. He gave me a puzzle with a picture of us, which is super duper cute. Feel blessed having him around me. Loving him like never before.

 I made a video of our photos from the start we met when high school till the last photo we took before first anniversary, I put it here on youtube, on my single account.

Nov 21, 2012

New College. New Day.

Lets start with my college life which have been a year since 10 September 2012, the first day I went to campus. That day was great, introduction between lecture and folks. Now I have been enjoying this campus life because it is just too great. I have lots of free time. I fill up my spare time to take care of my olshop (onlineshop). It makes me busy sometimes. But I really enjoy my work.


Time flies to fast that I can't even remember how long have I been single. Think, it has been 2 years ago or more I have been living single and ignore too much about relationship, I don't do update about who was I chatting with or something like that.
This kind of thing disappeared since days ago, when I have my new relationship with Mr.I, stands for Irvian. I should have erased all my past, let it flow, let it go. Mr.I, we acquainted since the third year of senior high school, he was my classmate. He treats me very well, and I love how he takes care of things. He is always there when I need something. And time flies, we are all grown up. What he has done is just too much and I admit that I feel thankful to have him around. We got close for a year and yes, we made up in relationship on 10-11-2012. Save the date! We go to the different colleges now, but still in Medan. We sometimes set times to meet and to chat about what's happening around us too, friends or maybe college things. I feel comfortable to have him around me. Hoping things around us can go well smoothly :)